HARRTS Hair Studio |

Herramienta de simulación de resultados de trasplante de cabello virtual inteligente e inteligente.

Steps to Follow after you complete your download:

  1. The Downloaded file would be Zip file. 

  2. Right Click on the file, select 'Extract Here'. 

  3. Once the File is Extracted, double click, and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

  4. A desktop icon will now be created. Double click on it to launch the application.

  5. A browsing window will open-up prompting you to choose the serial key file.

  6. Click Cancel. Now a new window will pop up asking you fill in the information and select the type of subscription you want the serial key for. 

  7. Fill in the information, select the subscription type you are interested in and submit. You can choose the Free Trial if you want to try the Free Trial version. If you have already paid for a certain subscription type, select that subscription type while submitting the form.

  8. Now close the application.

  9. You will receive the Serial Key from us within 2-24 hours.in your email.

  10. Download the serial key. 

  11. Copy the File to your Documents folder.

  12. Now launch the application. A file browser window will open up.

  13. Browse to your documents folder and select the Serial Key file.

  14. That's it. You are all set to use all features of the Hair Studio App.

  15. You can download the instruction text file if you wish, by clicking here:  Download Instruction Text file

  16. If you have any difficulty following the above steps, check out this video for 'How to Download to Get Serial Keys'.