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Hair Transplant Robot Cost, What Is The Price Of A Hair Transplant Robot?


Hair Transplant Robot - Get the best price on a hair transplant robot!


There are currently only 2 Robotic Hair Transplant Machines available in the market.


One is ARTAS and the other one is HARRTS FUEsion X.


Each of these machines have their own advantages.


As far as the price is concerned ARTAS is priced at around $ 300,000 -$ 350,000 USD., whereas the HARRTS FUEsion X is priced between $ 78,000 - $ 108,000 USD.


Checkout the consumable costs and royalty costs before you make a decision on which Hair Transplant Robot to buy for your practice.

HARRTS has 3 models of Automated and Robotic Hair Transplant Systems.

Checkout these models below:

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